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Access to Members Only

Become a member!  Once the membership requirements have been completed you will receive an email with instructions for accessing our member's site.

If you are an existing member of the CRTR you can access the members only pages by logging in using your email address and password at the top right corner of this screen. 

If this is your first login OR if you have forgotten your password click “forgot password”.  Follow the instructions that are emailed to you. 

If you are a member and you are having problems logging in, please contact

Once you are logged in you will have access to:

  1. Update your profile - (please ensure everything has been entered correctly)
  2. Member Directory
  3. Events List
  4. Meeting Minutes
  5. Club Forum – for club related items only
  6. Personal Forum – share your personal stories




Some of the features available in this site are:


  1. Member controlled password generation and reset (“forgot password” function)
  2. Ability for members to subscribe/unsubscribe to email messages
  3. Ability for members to control what personal information, if any, is available to other members in the member directory
  4. On line, searchable member database
  5. Instant access and welcome message when members are moved to active status
  6. Events listings (calendar view at the click of a button)
  7. Buy/Sell pages that only members can post to, but the public can view
  8. Club forum for club related topics such as education, rides, etc.  All members can post messages and replies to club set topics
  9. Personal forum – post your stories or whatever side topics you wish in this forum.  Members can add or delete their own topics.

Setting your password

  1. At the top right of the screen click forgot password
  2. Follow the instructions to set your password.

Logging in

Enter your email address and password at the top right side of the screen and click Login.  This will reveal the members only area on the lower left side of the screen.  Here you will be able to see the member directory, events, meeting minutes, and the club forum.



You should be able to figure out all of the websites functionalities by playing around in the website – it’s fairly user friendly.  If you would like instructions, please click the Member’s Instructions document from the member’s only home page (the page you go to right after logging in).  This will provide instructions for changing your profile, adding items to buy and sell, etc.  Please be patient with the documentation as the website screens and pages have changed several times and the documentation might not be totally up to date.


Note:  Family units can have only one contact email address.  This means that email blasts (group emails) only go to one email address and family members must share a login ID.  If the old membership list had multiple email addresses listed we have set up the members as individuals rather than a family unit.  If you wish to be listed as a family instead, this can be updated.  In the reverse situation, if you are listed as a family and wish to have separate email addresses and login IDs, please contact us and we can set you up as individuals.


Having problems?  Please contact




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