Calgary Regional Trail Riders

CRTR Membership Year is Nov. 1 to Oct. 31

Membership fees are not pro-rated for partial years


 Membership has four requirements:

  • Completed Application Form; and
  • Signed waiver (see link below) to acknowledge your responsibility for your equine activities; and
  • Club membership fees (2022 rate is $55/single; $85/family); 
The completed and signed CRTR Membership Application Rev.4-13-2022.pdf  OR the fillable form Membership Application Rev.4-13-2022.docxand Waiver - Adult  and/or Waiver - Minor child and can be delivered the following ways:       
  - scanned or photographed and then emailed to 
        (Make sure it is a good quality scan or photo so the info can be easily read!)

The Club Membership Fees can be paid by e-transfer only to:


Security Answer IS NOT REQUIRED.

NOTE:  E-transfers will not be acknowledged until all other membership information is complete;

  e-transfers expire 30 days after being sent.

Calgary Regional Trail Riders will not be responsible if you send the e-transfer to the wrong email
  • Family membership is limited to parents or legal guardians and their minor children (17 years and under) all of whom reside at the same address and must include at least one parent or legal guardian living at the same address. Children 18 years of age or older cannot be considered the second adult member and must hold their own individual membership. 

  • Please note that there may be a delay in activating your membership.  If there is an upcoming event you would like to attend be sure to leave enough time for processing your membership; otherwise you may not be able to attend.
  • IMPORTANT:   AEF membership should be arranged directly with the Alberta Equestrian Federation using the link above.  Please do not submit AEF applications to the club.

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